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Flower Bouquet Pins

Flower Bouquet Pins from Mstera (Цветочные Брошки из Мстеры). A small, but nice, selection of high-quality traditional decorated floral pins. Not to be compared with the "average" tourist pins. These were made about 20 years ago.

 The Mstera (sometimes Mstyora or Mstiora, but always "Мстера") miniature is a Russian folk art consisting of miniature painting done with egg tempera paints on lacquered pins, boxes, eggs and panels, for the most part made of papier-mache. Arts and crafts, including traditional icon painting has been noted in Mstera since the 17th century. By the 19th, most of the village population engaged in iconography and the related trades. In the early 20th century, after the Russian Revolution outlawed the production of religious goods, Mstera painters formed a workship (in Russian: "artel)" called "Ancient Russian Folk Painting" which basically was an association of former icon painters. Their output consisted of lacquer miniatures, wooden kitchenware, nesting dolls and more. This artel was turned into a factory in 1960. The technology of Mstera crafts is similar to that of Palekh artists. One feature the Mstera artists expanded on was the freehand border decorations which has been a characteristic of Mstera icon painting. Mstera, together with Palekh, Kholui and Fedoskino, is one of the four great centers of lacquer production. Though known as "villages", these are really small towns.


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