Russian Christmas Cards
"Sleigh Ride" Box of 12 (all same)
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      In this age of instant communication, writing and sending a Christmas card is still an authentic, personal and meaningful gesture. If you like to receive a card, then you surely like sending them. It's unique. When you send out a card, you are sharing a valuable emotion. Each of our full-color 5"x7" cards reproduce in gorgeous detail a Russian miniature painting. The quality is so fine that you may as well be purchasing an art print. Many of our customers have told us that they like to frame our cards. "Season's Greetings" or "Happy Holidays" are pre-printed inside each 5"x7" card. "Merry Christmas" inside "Sleigh Ride". Envelopes are included.

Box of 12 (6 different)
Sale 25% off!
(Discount will be applied upon checkout)

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The Snowmaiden
and the Villagers



The Snowmaiden
with Her Parents


and the Magic Pike



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