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Unusual Arts and Crafts

Basically, anything that doesn't neatly fit into another category can be found here. A veritable treasure hunt for the unusual and unique.

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    Khorovod Dancers Party or Vanity Tray

    Khorovod Dancers Party or Vanity Tray

    Here is a lovely tray featuring young women dressed in traditional costume dancing the "khorovod," an ancient circle dance with chorus singing. The image is a detail of the tray of an early 19th century porcelain tea service, by the Popov Factory (1833)...

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  • Polish Krasnoludek Mountain Gnome Leprechaun

    Krasnoludek Mountain Gnome [Poland]

    Polish Krasnoludek (Krasnal) Mountain Gnome Leprechaun. Krasnoludek or krasnal is a Polish mythological type of gnome or elf, common in many Polish and translated folk tales. He is somewhat related to popular culture's "brownies" or "sprites". Due to a...

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  • Rainbow Textile Pull-Along Toy Horse

    Rainbow Textile Pull-Along Toy Horse

    Rainbow Textile Pull-Along Toy Horse. This horse on wheels with a prominent muzzle came from Russia about 15-20 years ago. The mane and tail are made of rope and the piece is put together by hand from color-blended cotton. The wheels are wood. An...

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  • "Emelya's Surprise" Walrus Tusk Carving

    "Emelya's Surprise" Tusk Carving

    "Emelya's Surprise" (Удивление Емели). From the Russian Folk Tale "By the command of the pike" (По щучьему велению). Lazy (but lucky) Emelya has just pulled the magical pike from out of the fishing hole with his bare hands. The fish implores him to spare...

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  • Russian Embroidered Linen Dress

    Russian Embroidered Linen Dress

    Russian dress by AO Fabrika, Kirov. Embroidered design. Beige linen. Long 52 from collar to bottom. Chest 19 seam to seam across the gather. Sizes are approximate inches measured flat (use measurements provided).Restocking fees apply.

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