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Fairy Tale and Children's Books

Books for Children (and Grownups) in English and in Russian. Some are vintage and some are current. 

  • Аня в стране чудес (Alice in Wonderland Nabokov Translation)

    Alice in Wonderland RUSSIAN Nabokov Translation

    Alice in Wonderland (Аня в стране чудес). The Nabokov Russian Translation of Lewis Carroll's ALICE IN WONDERLAND. [In Russian.] World-renowned author Vladimir Nabokov presents a brilliant translation of Alice in...

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  • A.S. Pushkin's Fairy Tales

    Pushkin Fairy Tales

    Fairy Tales. Alexander S. Pushkin. Moscow: Literatura Publishers, 2002. 79 pages. Hardcover with pictorial covers. Light corner wear, otherwise like new. Color illustrations by R. Ramazanov and V. Vakhtin. Contains full English translations of Ruslan and...

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  • Fox, Beaver and others. Fables.

    Fox, Beaver and others. Fables RUSSIAN

    Лиса, бобер и другие: Басни, фельетоны, шутки (Fox, beaver and others: Fables, satires and jests). Сергей Михалков Sergei Mikhalkov. Молодая гвардия, 1960. Small format hardcover, 176 pages. All the very best fables of Sergei Vladimirovich Mikhalkov...

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  • Театр для малышей

    Children's Theater [Театр для малышей]

    Георгий Генов. Театр для малышей (Children's theater). IN RUSSIAN. Teaches how to to arrange a table theater, a theater-book, a puppet stage, a puppet theater, and a shadow theater. Given for each type is a diverse repertoire, patterns and drawings, and...

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  • С Новым годом! Репертуарный сборник.

    Happy New Year! [С Новым годом! ]

    С Новым годом! Репертуарный сборник. (Happy New Year! Repertory collection).  IN RUSSIAN.. Moscow: Воениздат, 1962. Stiff boards hardcover, 168 pages. Good condition, binding sound, all edges rubbed, no names or writing. 1 copy only. Repertoire...

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  • В нашем театре. Пьесы, сцены, шутки для школьной самодеятельности.

    In our theater [В нашем театре]

    В нашем театре: пьесы, сцены, шутки для школьной самодеятельности. (Сборник).  (In our theater: plays, scenes, jokes for school amateur performances.) IN RUSSIAN. Moscow: Детская литература 1966, 1966. Stiff boards hardcover, 176 pages...

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