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  • Kykkos "Merciful" Mother of God

    Kykkos "Merciful" Mother of God

    Kykkos "Merciful" Mother of God (Киккос "Милосердная" Богородица). This icon originated at Mt. Kykkos in the north-western part of Cyprus and was attributed to Apostle Luke. Copies of this miraculous icon began to appear in Russia in the 17th century. A...

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    The Joy of All Joys Lacquer Box

    The Joy of All Joys [Mstera]

    The Joy of All Joys (Радость Всех Радостей). Christ is born in Bethlehem! A depiction of the Nativity with the Holy Child together with Joseph and Mary, who is seated with her arms folded on her chest, her head bowed and her gaze lowered. Joseph also...

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  • Virgin of Vladimir Icon Box

    Vladimir Mother of God

    Vladimir Mother of God (Владимирская Богоматерь).  The Theotokos of Vladimir is a well-known Russian Orthodox icon of the Eleusa type. Eleusa means Tenderness in Greek (Umileniye in Russian.) She is also known as the Mother of God of Tenderness...

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