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In a Russian Orthodox home, one corner is known as the "Beautiful" or "Holy Corner" (Красивый Угол) where one would display icons. By tradition, a large central icon is draped by a colorful embroidered cloth and graced with a lampada (лампада) vigil lamp. An icon stand would support the icon together with a bible, or a cross. (See Create a Russian Dacha in Your Own Home).

Our traditional icons are copied from ancient Russian and Byzantine icons in much the same way as church manuscripts were painstakingly copied from ancient manuscripts. Our icons were painted in Russia on wood panels by a master iconographer. Each has a certificate of authenticity.

Note: sizes are approximate. 


There are five main types of representation of the Theotokos in Orthodox iconography:

The Guide; Hodigitria - The Ever Virgin Mary is holding Christ and pointing toward Him, as a guide to God and salvation.
Tender Mercy; Eleusa - The Theotokos holds her Son, who touches her face.
All Merciful; Panakranta – Mary is regally enthroned.
Intercessor; Agiosortissa – Mary is alone with her hands held out in supplication.
Praying; Oranta, Panagia, Lady of the Sign - Mary with her arms in ornate position, with Christ enclosed in a circle in her womb.
The calendar of the Russian Church, where iconography of the Virgin is highly developed, mentions 260 of her icons noted for miracles and celebrated liturgically.
The Menaion of Sergius numbers the designations of Most Holy Theotokos icons at 700. (from OrthodoxWiki)

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