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Gzhel Service and Decor

  • Gzhel Covered Dish

    Covered Serving Dish [Gzhel Porcelain]

    Covered Serving Dish. Painted porcelain dish with matching lid which can be used as a candy bon-bon dish, a sugar bowl, or a small serving dish. 22Kt gold enhancements and underglaze painting of pink and green flowers. Gzhel "Handmade in Russia"...

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    Egg Dish with Hen Salt [Gzhel]

    Egg Dish with Hen Salt [Gzhel]

    Egg Dish with Hen Salt (Тарелка для яиц и солонка, выполненная в форме курочки). Fine handmade Gzhel egg serving dish is decorated with hand painted blue flourishes throughout. Authentic Gzhel in excellent condition. Backstamp on the hen is in English:...

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    The Hunter Decanter (Графин Охотник)

    Hunter Decanter (9")

    The Hunter Decanter (Графин Охотник). Gzhel Porcelain, 1990s (Гжельский фарфор). A figural decanter of a young hunter with his rifle slung over his shoulder and a rabbit at the base, which reads: "За зайцем погонешься - на волка нападешь" (If you chase...

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