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Amber is a fossil resin that was produced by pine trees that grew in Northern Europe over 45 million years ago. There are several types of natural amber, from wax white, bright yellow to dark yellow, brownish-orange, and in very rare cases, red or blue. It it mostly opaque, due to the effects of the sun, and a small quantity is clear (transparent as glass) to almost clear.  A small selection of fine amber jewelry can be found here.

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    "Sawyer" Baltic Amber Nugget Fine Art Piece

    A whimsical work of art! Genuine Baltic amber with a tiny two-man saw cutting through it. Nugget is approximately 1½"x1½"x1" (38x38x24mm). Weighs 17 grams with the saw. Displayed on a 3" square base of real marble. Made in Russia...

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    White Baltic Amber Pendant

    White Baltic Amber Pendant with Silver Chain

    White amber is totally opaque and spans the spectrum from ivory to pure white. This pendant is from Lithuania (Baltic Sea) and was made in the 1980s. Enhancements include a small flower with two leaves and three round silver seeds (two on the flower, one...

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