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Finift Enamel and Amber

  • Maiden by the Mirror Finift Brooch

    Maiden by the Mirror Finift Brooch

    Young Girl Before the Mirror (Молодая девушка перед зеркалом). A young girl sits before her dressing table. In front of her is an open book and a necklace. She wears a soft green sarafan and kokoshnik (tiara). The decorated walls indicate the scene takes...

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  • White Baltic Amber Pendant

    White Baltic Amber Pendant

    White amber is totally opaque and spans the spectrum from ivory to pure white. This pendant is from Lithuania (Baltic Sea) and was made in the 1980's. Enhancements include a small flower with two leaves and three round silver seeds (two on the flower,...

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  • Maiden in a Glade (Дева на поляне) Rostov finift enamel

    Maiden by the Glade

    Maiden in a Glade (Дева на поляне). A pensive and serene young girl is seated in the middle of a pastoral landscape. She wears a peach color sarafan with a blouse shaded in white and blue. The hills behind her are shaded in olive and emerald. Vintage...

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    Finift Enamel Brooch

    Finift Brooch.  A rectangular enamel inset is painted with delicate violet flowers surrounded by azure and green leaves and burgundy stems and tendrils. The setting is mounted into an elaborate hand made filigree surround decorated with several...

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