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    "Metrushchka" Semenov-style Dolls from India

    "Metrushchka" Semenov-style Doll from India

    "Metrushchka" Semenov-style dolls made in India by Kubla Crafts (who are still in business, but not selling nesting dolls anymore). Typical red, green, black and yellow but with faces more suited to India than Russia. The flowers are pink. The painting...

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  • Golden Ring Artistic Matryoshka

    Golden Ring Artistic Matryoshka

    Golden Ring (Золотое кольцо). An Orthodox elder monk (старецъ) with azure eyes displays the churches of the "Golden Ring", a ring of towns and cities of great antiquity that lie northeast of Moscow. The head doll leads off with the famous...

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