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Art Dolls ($400+)

Here you will find a few dolls in a variety of styles and subject matter which are above and beyond the ordinary doll. Superb painting, details, lathework, brushwork and lacquering are all exemplified by the selection of dolls in this category. All were handmade in Russia.

  • The Works of Gauguin Russian Art Matryoshka

    The Works of Gauguin Russian Art Matryoshka

    The Paintings of Paul Gauguin (Картины Гогена). A one-of-a-kind jewel masterpiece art doll that was painted and signed by the artist (I. Shepel) of Rostov on the Don. Each piece has a copy of a painting by Gauguin and a black border running vertically on...

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    Super 22-pc Russian Art Matryoshka "Ruslan"

    "Ruslan and Ludmila" 22-pc "Super" Matryoshka

    "Ruslan and Ludmila" Russian "Super" Matryoshka. A 22-piece tour-de-force created in 1995. Each doll is painted with scenes and characters from the "Tale of Ruslan and Ludmila". It took the artist nearly 2 months to complete this doll set. The lathe...

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    Russian Orthodox Icons (Русские православные иконы) Matryoshka

    Russian Icons

    Russian Orthodox Icons (Русские православные иконы). A beautiful one-of-a-kind doll painted in Russia in 1994, when the doors and windows of glasnost and perestroika began to open, though long before commercial ennui began to settle in. A beautiful icon...

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    Pershinskaya Okhota Borzoi. Set of 9 Russian nesting matryoshka dolls.

    Hunting with Borzois

    Pershinskaya ohota (Першинская охота).  The hunt begins at the gate of the famous Borzoi kennel.  It's a glorious autumn day. The borzois and foxhounds await anxiously as the men saddle-up. And the hunt is on!... A masterpiece by...

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    20 piece set of Russian nesting matryoshka dolls with Borzois on the hunt

    Wolf Hunting with Borzois

    Wolf Hunting with Dogs (Охота на волков с собаками). The dogs have pinned the wolf! A knife blade reflects the autumn sun, but only for an instant as it's drawn from its sheath... This simply breathtaking masterpiece of miniature painting...

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