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Majolica from Gzhel. First developed in Italy during the Renaissance, majolica (also known as maiolica) is brightly painted tin-glazed molded earthenware. Gzhel is well-known for its blue and white ceramics, which are modeled on the order of Delft. Less well-known are the non-blue and white works.

Majolica Christmas ornaments from Yaroslavl can be found here

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    Majolica Beer Tankard [Gzhel]

    Majolica Beer Tankard [Gzhel]

    Majolica Beer Tankard. Fish Handle and Cap. Designed by Vladimir Alexandrovich Petrov. An unusual folk art mug that is fully hand decorated and painted with images of woodland ducks on both sides. On the bottom of the piece are the signatures of the...
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    Majolica Pony Figure

    Pony [Gzhel Majolica]

    Majolica Pony Figure. Ponies and horses have always been popular in the applied arts. This form appears somewhat often in blue and white Gzhel but is uncommon in majolica. An interesting note is how the artist has allowed some of the red clay to seep out...
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