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Occasionally we come across some painted Bogorodsk pieces. In our experience, these are somewhat unusual and thus we have a category strictly for them. All one of a kind and limited.

  • Bear Driving a Troika  Bogorodsk Painted Carving

    Bear Driving a Troika Bogorodsk Carving

    General Toptygin (Генерал Топтыгин). The bear in the "Tale of General Toptyigin" enjoys the status of a Russian folk legend. It was inspired by Nikolay Nekrasov (1821-1878), while watching children playing. The story goes that one evening, the General...

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  • Girl on a Swing (Девушка на качелях) Bogorodsk ensemble carving

    Girl on a Swing Bogorodsk Ensemble Carving

    The Polite Bear Cub (Вежливый медвежонок). A classic ensemble. The bear cub entreats the old peasant woman, leaning on her wooden walking stick, Girl on a Swing (Девушка на качелях.). A very interesting and unusual ensemble that features...

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  • Grandfather Frost on Skis [Bogorodsk Toy]

    Grandfather Frost on Skis [Bogorodsk Toy]

    Grandfather Frost on Skis [Bogorodsk Toy). Grandfather Frost is in his fur-lined greatcoat with a long white beard and bright red cheeks and nose. He has simple long sticks for walking poles. In pre-revolutionary Russia, he was often depicted on...

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    Bogorodsk Woman Spinning Figure

    Woman with Black Cat Bogorodsk

    Woman Spinning and Weaving (Женщина прядет и ткет). Images of fate are often associated with the image of filament, spinning wheels, and spindles. In Slavic tradition, women who spin and weave are endowed with understanding the secret nature of things...

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  • Bogorodsk Muzhik and Playful Black Cat

    Bogorodsk Muzhik and Playful Black Cat

    Muzhik and Playful Black Cat Bogorodsk Toy (Мужик с черным котом). A colorfully dressed muzhik dangles a red toy attached to a string. A gentle wiggling of the toy sets the cat's paw, the red toy and the muzhik's arm into motion. Fully handmade and...

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