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Bells, Vases and Candleholders

Lomonosov (and Imperial) Porcelain has produced a wide variety of unusual pieces in the cobalt net pattern to compliement any collection. 

  • "Slav" Decanter

    Cobalt Net "Slav" Decanter

    Cobalt Net "Slav" Decanter.  Use to serve wine, brandy or cognac. Has its own matching cap. 6¾"x 4½"x 1¾". A fancy piece and well decorated in the classic Cobalt Net patterning. Not a Chinese knock-off!  Please note:...

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  • Cobalt Net Flower Vase "Youth"

    Cobalt Net Tall Flower Vase "Youth"

    SOLD OUT Cobalt Net Large Flower Vase  An elegant table flower vase in the "Youth" pattern.  Fully hand painted and decorated at the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory in St. Petersburg, Russia. Not a Chinese knock-off! Mineral cobalt, 22Kt gold...

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    Cobalt Net Bell

    Cobalt Net Dinner Bell

    SALE PRICE! Cobalt Net Dinner Bell.  A terrific gift for a bell collector! This fine porcelain bell with a porcelain clapper is decorated in the classic Cobalt Net pattern and is the genuine article! Fully hand painted and decorated at the...

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