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Tver Toys and Other Folk Art

The history of Tver folk art dates back to 1935 when the Art Products Artel (i.e., артель "Художественные изделия") gathered together many regional artisans. After a growth spurt in the 1950's-60's, it diversified into a sizable enterprise in 1975. Its new name became The Kalinin Association of Art Crafts and Toys (Калининское производственное объединение художественных изделий и игрушек). The turbulent 1990's saw the company privatized, which created new difficulties as well as neglect of its famus wood crafts. Today, the company is one of the founders of the association "Folk arts and crafts of the Tver region", and is also part of the "Folk arts and crafts of Russia."

The main production of the company has always been wood work crafts with decorative poker work, as well as interesting carving and painting with acrylic dyes. There is significant manual labor involved in producing its products, evident especially in the details, which, in turn, gives each item a uniqueness. To get to a finished product, a great many stages are needed. Wood is felled, then sawed into block and timber, trimmed, again sawed to size, profiled (carved), assembled and then burnt and painted. Most of the items here are vintage. (Note: some of the arts and crafts here are from other nearby arts and crafts centers.)

  • Fedoseyevo Village Troika "Splinter Toy"

    Fedoseyevo Troika Nizhni-Novgorod "Splinter Toy"

    Fedoseyevo Troika (Федосеевская Тройка -Нижний Новгород). A team of three horses with simple painted patterns and "furry" tails. Originating out of the Nizhny-Novgorod region, not far from the town of Semenov, these bright colored and lightweight movable...

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  • Masha and the Bear Toy Figure

    Masha and the Bear [Tver]

    Masha and The Bear (Маша и Медведь). Hand made toy from Tver circa 1989. Wood, paint, lacquer. 5"x 2½". Brand new condition. Limited quantity. An older couple had a granddaughter named Masha. One fine day, she decided to go to the forest with...

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    Children in the Basket Tver Figure

    Children in the Basket [Tver]

    Children in a Basket. A completely handmade old-fashioned Russian toy figure. Five freckle-faced kids with different hair color are squeezed into a basket. Might be loosely based on the children's story "Neznaika". Very unusual in our experience...

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  • Peasant with Shield and Spear [Kalinin Toy Factory] 1970s

    Peasant with Shield and Spear [Kalinin]

    Russian Peasant (Bauer) with Spear and Shield (Русский крестьянин (Бауэр) с с копьем и щитом). Wooden figure depicts a stern peasant gripping his tall spear and shield. He wears an elaborate helmet and a shirt with red embroidery. Unusual Russian arts...

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  • Peasant with Cannon and Spear [Kalinin Toy circa 1970-1980]

    Peasant with Cannon and Spear [Kalinin]

    Russian Peasant (Bauer) with Spear and Cannon (Русский крестьянин (Бауэр) с копьем и пушкой). Tableau figure on a wooden base with depicts stern peasant alongside a cannon and gripping his large spear. Unusual and uncommon Russian arts and crafts piece...

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  • Oak Mushroom Elf (Дубовичек)   [Tver]

    Oak Mushroom Elf (Дубовичек) [Tver]

    Dubovichyok (Дубовичек) Oak Mushroom Elf. The Dubovik is part of Russian folk culture and is sometimes known as "Old Man Dubovichyok". He is based on the stocky mushroom of the same name. Details include acorns, a bird, eggs and a nest. Polychrome...

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  • Buratino [Tver]

    Buratino [Tver]

    Buratino (Буратино). Scarce Tver folk art figure that depicts Buratino hiding behind the Golden Key. Playful Russian arts and crafts piece with enhancements that include wood burning and painting. 1980's. 5¾" x 4⅝" x 2½". Like new. 1 only...

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  • Giant Head Box [Tver]

    Giant Head [Tver]

    The Giant Slumbering Head. The disembodied giant head belongs to the brother of the wizard "Chernomor" from the Tale of Ruslan and Ludmila. The sword which lies underneath the head is off to the side. Helmet removes to reveal a box. Made in Tver when it...

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  • Snow White and 7 Dwarfs Play Set

    Snow White and 7 Dwarfs Play Set [Kalinin]

     Snow White and 7 Dwarfs Play Set. The famous and well-known (thanks to Disney) fairy tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, was first related in 1812 when the Brothers Grimm gathered it together with other old European folk stories. It is believed...

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