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Christmas Matryoshka Dolls

Here is a selection of Russian Matryoshka nesting doll collectibles with a Christmas theme. All are professionally painted and were made in Russia. We invite you to explore these in more detail by clicking on any of the images. Note: most items are unique or limited supply and are subject to prior sale. 

  • Vintage Matryoshka Nesting Doll with Santa with Snowmaiden and Tree from Sergiev Posad Russia

    Santa with Snowmaiden and Tree [Vintage]

    Father Frost Nesting Doll. Happy Father Frost, or, if you prefer, Santa Claus with bells and tree, together with The Snowmaiden, and a small tree painted with white dots. The work on the Snowmaiden is especially expressive. Detailed painting and...
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  • Santa Claus with Tree Matryoshka Nesting Doll

    Santa Claus with Tree Matryoshka

    Santa Claus (Санта Клаус). A richly decorated traditional Santa Claus matryoshka doll ringing a golden bell and clasping his green gift bag. A tree is painted on the back, and holly leaves stick out of his cap. Golden stars are sprinkled throughout. The...
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  • Blue Grandfather Frost Fancy Matryoshka Nesting Doll [Sculpted]

    Blue Grandfather Frost [Sculpted]

    Blue Grandfather Frost. A multi-material matryoshka that mixes painting, potal*, and applied 3-D elements into an exceptional and offbeat doll. 6" in height. Made in Russia. 1 only, as pictured. *Potal (Поталь) is a form of gold foil decoration (the foil...
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  • Mushroom Santa with Snowman Matryoshka

    Mushroom Santa with Snowman Matryoshka

    Christmas Matryoshka in the Shape of a Mushroom (Рождественская матрешка в виде гриба). A painted Santa Claus opens from the top. Three more Santa pieces are revealed and the last little guy is a tiny snowman with a carrot nose. A nice twist on a classic...
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