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Palekh miniature painting (Палехская миниатюра) is, among all the Russian lacquer art styles, the most delicate and the most sought after. It first appeared around 1923, and its predecessors were icon painters. Thus, during the era of Soviet Russia, Palekh was a kind of sublimated iconography. The artists are known for their smooth design, abundance of golden shading, and accurate silhouettes of flattened figures. Bright tempera paints are used over a black background. Tempera is a difficult medium in which to work and is unforgiving in its outcomes. Landscapes and architecture, and elongated proportions of the figures harken back to the icon painting traditions. All of the boxes here for sale are genuine Palekh. Each box is a unique work of art as only one single painting is made by one artist, who becomes its author. 

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