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Semenov Matryoshka Dolls

Винтажные матрешки из Семенова

Vintage Semenov Matryoshka Dolls 

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  • Musician Lad Boxes, pair.

    Musician Lad Boxes [Vintage]

    Musician Lad Boxes, pair. One plays a balalaika, the other a bayan. These are quite rare in our experience, as we've only seen these two. No labels, and hard to date, but appear to be Semenov work. One is slightly smaller than the other (3" and...

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  • Semenov 3 nest Vintage 1990's

    Semenov 3 nest Vintage 1990's

    "Mashenka" ((Машенька). A small version of Russia's most endearing nesting doll. Each successive doll is a smaller and smaller version of the predecessor, in this case a triple recursion. The fingers on doll 2 & 3 are omitted, indicating a turn to...

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  • Semenov "Yellow Stripes" Vintage Doll

    Semenov "Yellow Stripes" Vintage Doll

    Semenov "Mashenka" Maiden. The short-lived transitional "yellow stripes and mittens" patterning phenomenon occured around 1992, when the Soviet Union collapsed. While not fully explained by the Semenov factory, the assumption was, that with the rising...

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  • Semenov "Good Family" [Early Vintage]

    Semenov "Good Family" [Early Vintage]

    Good Family Man (Хороший семьянин). The one here pictured is probably 50 years old and has some distinct differences. The shapes are slender, the hands of the father are in his pockets, the red fur winter hat is "old style", he wears a yellow coat with...

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  • Semenov Bogatyr 5x [Original version]

    Semenov Bogatyr 5x [Original version]

    Semenov Bogatyr (Семеновский богатырь). The original version! The mighty Bogatyr, with his smaller companions, stands ready for battle. The first doll is carries a club and shield. Each have pointed red helmets, and the overall painting is detailed. This...

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  • Semenov Bottle Holders

    Semenov Bottle Holders [Vintage]

    Semenov Souvenir (Сувенир "Семёновский"). A companion pair of late 1970's bottle holders in the original silk screened packaging with cellophane windows. Both open in the middle to hold a small bottle. Large USSR paper label on bottom of box. 8" in...

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  • Semenov Cosmonaut Matryoshka

    Semenov Cosmonaut [Vintage]

    Semenov Cosmonaut (Космонавт). The cosmonaut matryoshka was produced to celebrate the Soviet space exploration program. The doll was refined down through the years. This is the late 1980's version with unusual lathe work. The first doll is all one piece,...

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