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Semenov Matryoshka Dolls

Винтажные матрешки из Семенова

Vintage Semenov Matryoshka Dolls 

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  • Semenov Chess Set

    Semenov Chess Set

    Semenov Chess Set. An unusual wood chess set from Semenov circa late 1980's. The pawns are matryoshkas on a pedestal. The major pieces were made uniquely for the set. Each piece is hand made and painted with the traditional colors of red and black. Wood...

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  • Semenov "Cupola" Box

    Semenov "Cupola" Box

    Semenov Cupola Box. A delightful box made in Semenov that was dubbed "cupola" due to its onion domed top. Painted with the iconic dog rose found on the Semenov nesting dolls and the traditional bright colors of yellow, red, green, orange and natural wood...

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  • Semenov Bottle Holders

    Semenov Bottle Holders Vintage 1980's

    Semenov Souvenir (Сувенир "Семёновский"). A companion pair of late 1970's bottle holders in the original silk screened packaging with cellophane windows. Both open in the middle to hold a small bottle. Large USSR paper label on bottom of box. 8" in...

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  • Vintage Semenov "Suitor"  Holder

    Vintage Semenov "Suitor" Holder 1980's

    Semenov "Suitor" Bottle Holder (Галантный Ухажер). The gallant young suitor presents a bouquet of roses and yellow flowers to his beloved. The holder is made from two pieces. Vintage item from the Semenov workshop circa 1980's. 14" in height. Bottom has...

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  • Semenov 4nest Vintage 1980's

    Semenov 4nest Vintage 1980's

    "Mashenka" ((Машенька). A small version of Russia's most endearing nesting doll. Each successive doll is a smaller and smaller version of the predecessor. Fine details include faces and fingers on every one. Vintage dolls reflect a now vanished era when...

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  • Semenov Cosmonaut Matryoshka

    Semenov Cosmonaut Matryoshka Vintage 1980's

    Semenov Cosmonaut (Космонавт). The cosmonaut matryoshka was produced to celebrate the Soviet space exploration program. The doll was refined down through the years. This is the late 1980's version with unusual lathe work. The first doll is all one piece,...

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