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Highly popular Cobalt Net Porcelain from The Lomonosov (Imperial) Porcelain Factory). This is an exclusive design that goes back more than half a century. It was inspired by the luxurious dining sets of Empress Catherine II, who reigned in Russia from 1762 to 1796. Each individual piece is hand painted with a striking combination of intertwining lines, drops and accents, by artists who carefully preserve the ancient art of porcelain painting and decoration. Materials used include genuine mineral cobalt, bone china and 22Kt gold.  Our shop and website sells only "export-quality" Lomonosov porcelain.

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  • Cobalt Net Small Teapot

    Cobalt Net Small Teapot

    Cobalt Net Small Teapot.  In Russia, tea is usually served with the help of two teapots, one large and one small. This, the smaller teapot, would hold a strong brew, while the larger, 9-cup teapot would hold hot water. The two would be mixed...

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    "Slav" Decanter

    Cobalt Net "Slav" Decanter

    Cobalt Net "Slav" Decanter.  Use to serve wine, brandy or cognac. Has its own matching cap. 6¾"x 4½"x 1¾". A fancy piece and well decorated in the classic Cobalt Net patterning. Not a Chinese knock-off! Very limited...

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    Cobalt Net Small Creamer (CN2187)

    Cobalt Net Small Creamer

    Cobalt Net Small Creamer.  Elegant and useful small creamer can serve more than just regular cream. Think liqueur, milk, half and half, non-dairy cream, etc. Fully hand painted and decorated at the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory in St. Petersburg,...

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