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Fedoskino (Федоскинская миниатюра) is the oldest traditional Russian lacquer miniature painting center, known since the 18th century. Its distinctive style of painting on papier-mache is far different than the other villages as the artists use oil paints applied in many layers. Other elements include mother-of-pearl (both river and freshwater), pure gold or silver leaf (to create a shimmering glow or silvery sparkle), and metallic powders mixed into the paints. Occasionally boxes can even imitate tortoise-shell, malachite, birch bark, mahogany, marble or tartan. Popular subjects include troikas, portraits, village life, and tea-drinking from a samovar. 

  • Troika (Тройка). Pre-revolutionary, Tsarist production - possibly Vishnyakov or Lukutin.

    Troika mid-19th century lacquer box

    Troika (Тройка). Pre-revolutionary, Tsarist era production - possibly unmarked Vishnyakov or Lukutin. Mid to late 19th century. Oil, lacquer, hinged papier-mache box. Box in very good condition, image in fair condition with pebbling and crazing due to...
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  • Getting Acquainted (Знакомство) hinged oval Fedoskino box papier-mache, oils, metallic powders, lacquer

    Getting Acquainted Fedoskino Lacquer Box

    Getting Acquainted (Знакомство). Late Baroque (Rococo) French Renaissance playful painting of a suitor slipping behind a woman carrying fruit and snatching an apple. Artist titled the box, mentions Fedoskino, and signed the box on the inside of the lid...
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  • Korobushka "Peddler" Lacquer Box [Fedoskino]

    Korobushka "Peddler" Lacquer Box [Fedoskino]

    The Peddlers or Korobeiniki. (Коробе́йники). Based on a nineteenth-century Russian folk song derived from a somewhat dark poem of the same name by Nikolay Nekrasov (1821-1878). Korobeiniki were peddlers who sold fabric, notions, books and other small...
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  • Ice Fishing [Fedoskino]

    Ice Fishing [Fedoskino]

    Ice Fishing (Подледная рыбалка). Fedoskino, mid-1970s. Winter scene with several figures. Foreground includes two men fishing, and one using a hand drill to carve out a hole. In the background, a young woman carries a pair of water buckets and a single...
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  • Country Estate Fedoskino Lacquer Box

    Country Estate Fedoskino Lacquer Box

    Country Estate (Загородное поместье). Signed by the Fedoskino artist, P. Fedorov, and dated 1982. Elegantly view of a river and a stone bridge out in the country. In the distance several houses can be seen. The artist has used golden flakes sprinkled...
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  • Blini (Pancakes) Lacquer Box

    Pancakes (Blini ) Lacquer Box

    Pancakes (Блины). Lacquer Box. Bright translucent painting of a peasant couple near the hearth. The woman has just backed a batch of pancakes. A rooster sits perched atop of the fireplace. Small hinged box by Fedoskino artist T. Fablova. Signed by the...
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  • "The Village Courtship" (Ухаживание в Деревне)

    Village Courtship Fedoskino Lacquer Box

    The Village Courtship (Ухаживание в Деревне). Fedoskino, 1987. Kolganova. It is the middle of winter as can be seen by the snow covered houses in the distance. Yet, the brightly-colored winter clothing the young people are wearing glows and shimmers! The...
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