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Established in 1972, Maison Russe celebrates traditional themes of Old Russia with friendly service and a long history of loyal customers. We love bringing attention to the rich Russian heritage, its intricate art and fine craftsmanship, its exotic legends and fantastic fairy tales. We blend our deep knowledge of all things Russian with a highly developed connoisseur perspective. Our shop is 25 miles west of Chicago's lakefront, on Ogden Avenue, in Lisle, IL.

We offer Russian gifts such as Lomonosov "Cobalt Net" porcelain, traditional "matryoshka" nesting dolls, miniature painting on lacquer boxes, fine filigree tea glass holders, Orthodox icons and crosses. We have collector's items and reproductions of Imperial "objet d'art," and items on the theme of the Russian wolfhound (borzoi); we also have an interesting selection of books and beautiful note cards;  and much, much more. We've been on the world-wide web since 1998 doing our own web design and photography. We keep our website well up-to-date, and well stocked - and we can honestly say there's something new at nearly everyday! 

Christmas at the Russian Shop

We are often asked, "Why is the shop known as Maison Russe?" There are a couple of reasons. When we first opened the shop Leonid Brezhnev was the head of Communist Russia. The cold war climate made it necessary to come up with a discreet sounding name, something that wouldn't be a "red flag" (no pun intended). We chose Maison Russe primarily for this reason. Another reason for the name choice was that French was the language embraced by the royal courts of Europe, which included the Russian court. Maison Russe is French for "Russian House."  

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A shop within a shop: we have antiques, and vintage & retro home decor of all kinds.


Stop by! We are conveniently located to both the East-West Tollway (I-88) and the North-South Tollway (I-355). The intersection of Route 53 and Route 34 is only 1/4 mile east of the shop. Look for us on the northeast corner of Devon and Ogden (Rt. 34) in a big bright house, across from the Bavarian Lodge, a very popular restaurant. The beautiful Morton Arboretum is just five minutes away.

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