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Ovo Art

It is a Russian tradition to gift beautiful decorated eggs. They can be beautifully displayed. Eggs are the foremost symbol of life and the promise of the future. Peter Carl Faberge, the world renowned Russian court jeweler and purveyor of elegance to the Tsar, took this tradition to the highest of levels. Some would say that he achieved perfection with his acclaimed designs and production values. Genuine Faberge eggs are as rare as the proverbial hen's tooth. We have a variety of miniature jeweled enamel egg boxes and pendants reminiscent of classic Faberge designs. We have some unique folk art as well as "ovo art" and gemstone eggs with the Russian Double Headed Eagle, crest of the Tsars.

  • Archangel Michael

    Archangel Michael

    Archangel Michael is often depicted holding a sword. He is the defender of heaven, the captain of angels. On this unique piece the sword is held as a cross. Marble egg, brass figure, brass filigree base. 6" tall. Vintage. One only.

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  • Russian "Ovo" Art "Divination"

    Russian "Ovo" Art "Divination"

    Russian "Ovo" Art (Элегантная Живопись на Яйцо). Divination, or Fortune-Telling (Гадание). Well-known in fortune-telling literature, a young girl sits in the dark, lights many candles before the mirror and peers into the "gallery of reflections", hoping...

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  • Ukrainian Courtship Easter Egg

    Courtship Easter Egg

    Ukrainian Couple Courtship Easter Egg. A young man wears a plain Carpathian Hutsul fedora and carries a long carved smoking pipe. She has strings of beads around her neck and a festive red apron called a "zapaska" around her linen shirt and skirt. She is...

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