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Vintage Animal Sculptures

In this category, you will find animal figures that were made and painted prior to 1991. Generally, these figures were carefully painted "free-hand" and superbly rendered. Close attention is paid to the delicate feathering and realistic fur, the exquisite eyes and mouths and to minute detail. This delicate nature of painting had been created and nurtured by the lack of a need to meet a bottom line by the factory managers, and by the very nature of artists who worked in the factory, who enjoyed their specialized work, and who refined and showed off their painting talents, particularly peer-to-peer.

  • Panda Cub (USSR)

    Panda Cub (USSR)

    Panda Cub. Elegantly modeled panda cub looks good from any angle! Note the fine quality painting on this piece! The details are fine and expressive. Finished with a smooth glaze and hand painted in the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory. USSR stamp. 3½"x...

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  • Ermine Lomonosov Figure [USSR]

    Ermine [USSR]

    Ermine. Another name for this animal is the stoat or weasel. In the winter, its coat is pure white. In folklore, Mary Magdalene was depicted as wearing its white pelt symbolizing her reformed character. Historically, it has had a rocky relationship with...

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  • Dachshund USSR Lomonosov

    Dachshund [Lomonosov]

    Dachshund Puppy (Щенок Таксы). The name of this hound dog literally means "badger dog" and they are burrowers by nature. They come in two sizes: standard and miniature. Hand painted porcelain, USSR backstamp on the bottom of one of the feet. 6" x 3" x...

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