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Niello Men's Rings

About niello: The traditions and technology of the ancient applied art of niello (or in Russian - "chern", from the word "black") dates back to the 10th century. Niello is a metallic alloy of copper and silver used as an inlay on engraved metal. It can be used for filling in designs cut into metal, with silver being a particular favorite. These artistic traditions are kept alive at the old Imperial Russian factory Severnaja Chern in the town of Velikiy Ustiug in the Vologda region of Russia. Niello produced at Veliky Ustyug is also known as Kievan Rus niello.
To make these elegant works of art, patterns are engraved by hand into silver then filled with a composition of silver and red copper. Heating fuses the alloy which then fills the engraved areas. The surface of the piece is hand polished and the engraving emerges quite clearly.

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    Niello Men's Ring

    Silver Niello Men's Ring [Velikiy Ustiug]

    Niello Men's Rings. Velikiy Ustiug. Exceptional quality sterling silver, hallmarked "925" with kokoshnik on the inside, and heavy gold plate on the inside. Also marked "9АСЧ" which is Severnaja Chern's hallmark indicating assayed in 1999. (Северная...
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