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Gzhel (Гжель) describes two localities with clusters of about 60 villages and settlements in the Ramensky District situated on the territories of Bronnitsky and Bogorodskoye districts near Moscow. Gzhel ceramics utilizes the rich deposits of fine clay in the area that are suitable for the making of quality pottery. These villages have long been engaged in the manufacture of china, faience, semi-faience and majolica. The area's dense sprawling forests provided an endless supply of firewood for the kilns. The first pottery workshop was established by Pavel Kulikov over 200 years ago. At that time, all the elements were locally produced: kilns, paints and brushes. A rich stylistic tradition was built up over many generations by hundreds of master potters and artists. In the very name of Gzhel one hears an alliterative association with the Russian word for "burn", which is "сжечь". Each piece found here is a work of art.

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    Gzhel: Ceramics 18th-19th-20th Centuries

    Gzhel: Ceramics 18th-19th-20th Centuries

    Керамика Гжели (Gzhel Pottery: 18th to 20th centuries). Majolica, faience, semi-faience and china from the master craftsmen of Gzhel is lovingly documented in this large format book with numerous full color illustrations. Moscow: Planeta, 1989. Large...
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