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Dulevo (sometimes Dulyovo) Porcelain Works (Дулевскй фарфоровый завод) is one of the most famous Russian (and former Soviet) porcelain manufacturers. The works were founded in the Dulevo wasteland (now Likino-Dulevo) in 1832 by famed Russian merchant Terenti Kuznetsov (Теренти Кузнецов). From 1889-1917 it was part of the Kuznetsov firm. It went through some upheavals during the early Soviet era, but was revived in 1960 and flowered in 1970-1990. Today it is still one of the biggest firms in Europe.

  • Cossack [Dulevo] 1950's

    Dancing Cossack [Dulevo]

    Dancing Cossack (Танцующий казачок). A nicely painted young boy dancing in his white Cossack uniform. Designed in the 1950's by Alexey Georgievich Sotnikov (Алексей Георгиевич Сотников) (1904-1989), a renowned 20th century ceramic sculptor. Dulevo...

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    Wrestlers (Борьба aka Борцы)[Dulevo, 1959]

    Wrestlers (Борцы) [Dulevo, 1959] RARE

    Wrestlers (Борьба aka Борцы). Dulevo, 1959. Tenaciously courageous expressive faces and tense muscles as no one yet is giving in. Sculptor is Pavel Mikhailovich Kozhin (1904-1975), who, in 1938, was appointed the leading sculptor of Dulevo Porcelain...

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    Girl with Teapot [Vintage Dulevo]

    Girl with Teapot [Dulevo]

    Young Girl with Teapot (Девушка с чайником). A young girl holds a classic large teapot painted with Dulevo flowers and colors. She appears momentarily distracted by the golden cat rubbing up against her. A dynamic pose, nicely painted with delicate...

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    Horoscope Monkey [Dulevo]

    Monkey [Dulevo ]

    Monkey 1992. From the series "Horoscope". 1992 was the year of the monkey (as was 2004, 2016, etc.). Gold enhanced details, blue striped shirt and a book with the date 1992. The monkey is a symbol of selflessness, mutual assistance, dexterity and...

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