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Title says it all.

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    Turtle Studio KIKIN Carving

    Turtle Studio KIKIN Carving

    Turtle (Черепаха) Carving Ornament. Cute tortoise slowly brings over a gift. It might take a while, but it eventually gets to its destination. Hand carved and hand decorated. An original Studio KIKIN piece. 4⅛" (not counting hook) in height. 1...
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  • "Mishka with Spoon" Bashkir Carving

    Bashkir Carving "Mishka with Spoon"

    Bear Carving from Bashkir (Медвежья резьба из Башкирии). Titled "Mishka with Spoon" ("Мишка с Лошкой"), this carving from 1977 was made in the Birsk factory of art products (Бирская фабрика художественных изделий). It is well preserved and uncommon,...
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  • Realistic Wood Carving of a Small Brown Toad

    Toad (Zhaba) by Svetlov

    Toad (Zhaba) by Svetlov. Talent can freeze time. A.I. Svetlov has carved an incredibly detailed small brown toad.  2" in height, 2¾" in length. Carved in Moscow around 1995 and signed on the bottom by A. I. Svetlov. 1 only.  
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  • Large wooden carved spoon, Abramtsevo-Kudrino

    Monumental Spoon [Abramtsevo]

    Monumental Presentation Spoon. Khotkovo. A fine, high-relief carving from a single piece of wood was made in the last half of the 20th century. It has a hook on the back and can be hung on the wall. Maker's mark. 19¼" length, 4¼" width...
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