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Crafts [Ремесло]

Ремесло (remeslo) are traditional crafts made in small and medium-scale workshops based on handicraft skills and a limited division of labor within the workshop. Ремесло labor, after separating from agricultural labor, was initially developed within feudal estates. Skilled artisans then moved to village, towns and cities, and began to organize as артели (artels), or guilds. The traditions of these guilds were built up and passed on over hundreds of years throughout Europe, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and elsewhere (as well as in countries in Western Europe). We invite you to explore in more detail by clicking on any of the images. Most items unique and subject to prior sale.  

  • "Emelya's Surprise" Walrus Tusk Carving

    "Emelya's Surprise" Tusk Carving

    "Emelya's Surprise" (Удивление Емели). From the Russian Folk Tale "By the command of the pike" (По щучьему велению). Lazy (but lucky) Emelya has just pulled the magical pike from out of the fishing hole with his bare hands. The fish implores him to spare...

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