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Political Matryoshka Dolls

 Hand painted in Russia during the last 25 years. Political dolls were affectionately called "Gorby" dolls and were all the rage from 1988 to around 2000. You could not be a tourist in Russia and then not come home with one or two of them. And here is a key difference: before the appearance of stickers and silk screen images, early dolls were hand painted, some in extraordinary detail and with a great variety of interpretations. Very few were signed due lingering fear of political retribution, but now and then an artist would go out on a limb for his work. There even was one importer in the early 1990's who would sign his name to all the dolls!. The styles of painting are as varied as politics itself. 

  • Yeltsin with Soviet Leaders

    Yeltsin with Soviet Leaders

    Yeltsin and Leaders Political Nesting Doll. A humane depiction of the former Communist leaders with some nice details. Yeltsin in caricature with the new Russian flag and Россия (Russia) in white letters and even Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin (Б. Н...

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  • Yeltsin "Mobster" Political Nesting Doll

    Yeltsin "Mobster" Political Nesting Doll

    Yeltsin "Mobster" Political Nesting Doll. One of the more highly unusual dolls we've seen in ages. The anonymous artist doesn't hold back: he or she portrays the usual suspects as big-nosed thugs. Boris Yeltsin, as the head doll, gets the full goon...

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  • Super President Gorbachev Matryoshka Doll

    Super President Gorbachev Matryoshka Doll

    President Gorbachev Matryoshka Doll. In March of 1990, the Congress of People’s Deputies elected General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev as the new president of the Soviet Union. The election was a victory for Gorbachev, but it revealed serious...

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