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Kholui and Mstera


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  • Ruslan Battles the Giant Head [Mstera]

    Ruslan Battles the Giant Head [Mstera]

    Ruslan's Battle with the Giant Head (Бой Руслана с головой). Mstera, circa 1970-80. Papier-mache, egg tempera paints, lacquer. Detailed decorative freehand scroll border in gold. around the painting. A nice hinged box, initialed "ВЕ"by the artist in...
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  • Frog Princess Kholui Lacquer Box

    Frog Princess Kholui Lacquer Box

    The Frog Princess (Царевна-лягушка). By N. Grovmov (Н. Громов). A beautiful box with a classic depiction of the beloved Russian fairy tale. Materials used are egg tempera paints, papier-mache and lacquer. Original paper label in Russian with details...
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  • Barnyard Fowl Pano

    Barnyard Scene Pano [Mstera]

    Barnyard Fowl (Живность скотного двора). An interesting Mstera painting on a large (12" x 6½") papier-mache panel (pano). Signed in the bottom left hand corner with the initials of the artist and "Мстера". A dynamic and colorful egg tempera...
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