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Unusual Icons

  • Vladimir Mother of  God Icon

    Vladimir Mother of God Icon

    The Theotokos of Vladimir (Vladimirskaya) is a well-known Russian Orthodox icon of the Eleusa type. Eleusa means Tenderness in Greek (Umileniye in Russian.) The term Virgin of Vladimir is shorthand for this icon, as She is also known as the Mother of God...

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  • St. George  Slaying the Dragon

    St. George Slaying the Dragon

    St. George The Trophy-Bearer (Святой Георгий Победоносец). Great-martyr and Trophy-bearer St. George, venerated by the Orthodox Church, is the patron saint of Moscow as well as of England and many other countries. He is also a military saint. The...

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  • "St. George Warrior" [Palekh]

    St. George Warrior [Palekh] 1980s

    St George, Warrior (Святой Георгий, Воин). Standing in front of the Kremlin walls. In golden armor with lance, shield and quiver of arrows, i.e., ready for battle. Marked "Палех" and dated (1979). Beautifully done and seriously unusual and uncommon. Egg...

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  • Silk Embroidered Icon (Icoana Brodata)

    Silk Embroidered Icon (Icoana Brodata)

    Silk Embroidered Icon (Icoana Brodata). Beautiful embroidery depicting John the Baptist blessing Jesus in the River Jordan as the Holy Spirit in the form of dove shines above. Central image is 6" x 9½". Overall 10" x 13". Made in Romania with tag...

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  • The Holy Face (Христос Нерукотворный)

    Holy Mandylion Icon

    The Holy Face (Христос Нерукотворный). The liturgical name for this icon is "Christ Acheiropoietos", which means "a divinely wrought portrait, or not hand made". Other names include "Not-made-by-hands", Holy Mandylion and Holy Napkin. This icon was often...

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