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Bottle Holders and Spice Sets

Matryoshka Bottle Holders are hand made natural linden wood boxes, or containers, that can hold a bottle of wine or vodka. They also are wonderful decorative enhancements for your holiday table! You can also find the occasional salt box or salt and pepper shakers here as well.

  • Don Cossack Novelty Salt and Pepper

    Don Cossack Novelty Salt and Pepper

    Vintage Triple Salt/Pepper/Mustard Don Cossack. An unusual and uncommon souvenir from Russia. The cossack comes apart to reveal three compartments. Painted hard plastic and metal. Plugs for shakers are present, but a spoon for mustard has been lost (see...

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    "Samara" Spice Boat

    "Samara" Souvenir Spice Boat

    "Samara" Spice Boat  (Лодка для специй "Самара"). All-wood souvenir spice set consisting of a Viking ship with three small barrels, one each for salt, pepper and one with small spoon for mustard or horseradish. Hand made and decorated with a White...

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  • Polkh Maidan Jar Holder

    Polkh Maidan Jar Holder

    Polkhovsky-Maidan Jar Holder. A very unusual Polkhovsky doll that was modified to hold a Russian-made glass Mason jar with a tight-fitting plastic cap (included). The jar needs to be inverted for the doll to close. Pyrogravured (woodburnt) and cutout...

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  • Mordva (Мордовия) Matryoshka Small Bottle Holder.

    Mordva Bottle Holder [Small]

    Mordva (Мордовия) Matryoshka Small Bottle Holder. This vintage small bottle holder, or box, is very unusual in our experience. "Made in USSR" stamp on the bottom. Touch of wear, otherwise in like new condition, 7". 1 only, as shown. The...

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    Salt and Pepper

    Semenov Salt and Pepper Shakers

    Semenov Matryoshka Salt and Pepper Set. A pair of adorable "Mashenka" Semenov maiden Salt & Pepper shakers. These were made in the 1990s in Russia and carry the orange paper labels. Decorative and functional. Why buy plastic Matryoshka...

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