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The Kiev Experimental Art Ceramics Factory (Kiev ECC) was founded in 1924 on the basis of a small workshop, which manufactured ceramic paints and decals. During World War II, the plant was destroyed but restored with the influx of capital investment. Mid-20th century found an expansion of the factory to manufacture high-quality decorative painted figures. Eventually the large art workshop became one of the best in the USSR at that time. Famous porcelain artists and sculptors that worked at the plant included O. L. Zhnikrup , V. I. Shcherbina , O. P. Rapay-Markish , G. M. Kaluga, A. D. Sorokin and many others. Also, Petrikov's painting on porcelain was introduced here for the first time. The fall of the USSR was not kind to these types of enterprises and eventually the factory, around 2006, ceased to exist. A collection of museum-quality pieces were to have been transferred to the State Museum of Decorative Ukrainian Art, but instead disappeared and presumed stolen. An interesting side note is that many of the porcelain items exported under the "USSR" mark were Ukrainian, with the Kiev factory making some of the largest contributions, by some accounts almost 40%.

  • Lovers Kiev Porcelain

    Loving Couple

    Lovers (Любовники). A pair of entwined overs dressed in Ukrainian folk costume. The young man holds a bandura at his side, signifying that he is a кобзар, a songwriter and poet. His beloved has a long, black braid and bright red boots that...

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  • Sleeping Night Watchman

    Sleeping Night Watchman (Kiev Porcelain)

    Sleeping Guard (Спящая охрана на посту). USSR, Kiev Porcelain Factory. A figure of a guard who has fallen asleep (perhaps some coded political significance?). Attributed to Vladislav Ivanovich Shcherbina (1926-2017), a prominent Ukrainian porcelain...

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    Karas and Odarka Kiev Porcelain

    Karas and Odarka

    Ivan Karas and Odarka (Иван Карась и Одарка). An angry Odarka berates her Cossack husband who has had too much to drink. Excellent detail includes clothing, painting and even the upside-down water jug on the fence post behind her. Older Kiev...

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