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Traditional Hand Painted Russian Orthodox Icons


Traditional icons are painted from ancient ones in the same way that Church manuscripts were once painstakingly copied by hand from an original. Strict attention is paid to details. These modern-day traditional Orthodox icons are painted in the same exacting manner from Russian and Byzantine originals. Painted on wood panels in Russia by master iconographers. Sizes are approximate.

As an example of the very fine quality and master craftsmanship of these hand painted icons, please click here to see the delicate brush strokes on the icon pictured at left.

In a Russian Orthodox Christian home, one corner, called the "beautiful" or "holy corner," displays icons. Here, by tradition, a large central icon is draped by a colorful embroidered cloth and graced with a lampada, or vigil lamp burning before it. An analoy, or icon stand, would support a small icon and a bible, or cross. *  weddingicons2.jpg


* Quote from: Create a Russian Dacha in the Comforts of Your Own Home. Helpful suggestions and do-it-yourself instructions for any budget. By: Women Friends of the Russian Museum.