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Collectible Nesting Dolls from Polkhovsky Maidan

Collectible Nesting Dolls from Polkhovsky Maidan

Posted by The Russian Gift Shop on Jul 5th 2018

Collectible Nesting Dolls from Polkhovsky Maidan.

Matryoshka dolls from Polkhovsky Maidan (Полховский Майдан) and the neighboring villages of Krutets and Gorodets appeal to the connoisseur of older Russian folk art. These three villages are located in the region of Nizhni Novgorod, not far from the towns of Sergiev-Posad and Semenov, all centers of folk art in their own right. Production methods are similar to dolls from Semenov and Kirov (now Viatka or Nolinsk). Peasant styles, such as bold colors and large flowers, are predominant and water-soluble aniline dyes and India ink are used. Besides the traditional colors of yellow and red, the artists would use green, blue, violet, orange and crimson, The dog-rose with its many petals is commonly painted as it symbolizes motherhood and love. Below are some unusual folk dolls made in the Soviet Union (pre-1991) and Russia (post-1991).