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Lomonosov Porcelain and Imperial Porcelain Factory Backstamps

Posted by The Russian Gift Shop on May 18th 2015

Around 1991 the Lomonosov factory used a burgundy or red mark. This mark varied in color intensity from a dark mark to a light one. (See some examples below.) If the mark was in English, then the piece was intended for export sale. In the absence of an English mark, it could be determined that an item could either be an unmarked older piece or was strictly intended for sale in Russia (the domestic market). The first post-Soviet export backstamp was a red LFZ monogram, with "Made in Russia" stamped in red. More recent pieces have marks in blue stating "Hand Decorated", the LFZ monogram, the date 1744 and St. Petersburg together with an occasional holographic sticker with "export quality" and the factory monogram on them, probably added by importers. To add to the confusion, in 2005, the stockholders of Lomonosov Porcelain Factory resolved to return to their pre-Soviet name, the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory. All in all, the quality of production has remained the same. Below are several marks from the past 35 years or so. In order, they are 1) USSR mark, pre-1991 2) mid-90s burgundy mark 3) mid-90s bright red mark 4) logo only (domestic market) 5) Red mark (1C stands for "1st quality" and laurel wreath for special pieces) 6) Blue logo 1744, St. Petersburg, Russia & Hand Decorated and 7) Blue IMPERIAL PORCELAIN logo with double eagle, date and St. Petersburg.