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Books in Russian (All Titles)

Russian language books will be found here, many of which are one of a kind and out of print. Click on the category headings below to enter a department.

  • Домашнее приготовление (Home Cooking )

    Домашнее приготовление (Home Cooking )[1959]

    R.P Kengis & P.S. Markhel (Р.П. Кенгис и П.С. Мархель). Домашнее приготовление тортов, пирожных, печенья, пряников, пирогов (Home Cooking. Cakes, pastries, cookies, sweet baked goods, pies). IN RUSSIAN. Classic of mid-20th century cookbook using...

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  • Н. А. Некрасов. Избранные стихотворения.

    N.A. Nekrasov. Selected poems RUSSIAN

    Н. А. Некрасов. Избранные стихотворения. N.A. Nekrasov. Selected poems. IN RUSSIAN with accent marks. Introduction by K. Chukovsky. Издательство Детской литературы, 1960. 128 pages. Numerous black and white illustrations. Intended for a young audience...

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  • SALE
    Bambi (in Russian)

    Bambi (Бемби) RUSSIAN

    Бемби. Лесная сказка. (Bambi. Forest Tale, or A Life in the Woods.) Felix Salten (1869-1945). The well-known tale about a deer by the name of Bambi and about the life of varied forest dwellers, about the invasion into their lives by a human being...

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  • Аня в стране чудес (Alice in Wonderland Nabokov Translation)

    Alice in Wonderland RUSSIAN Nabokov Translation

    Alice in Wonderland (Аня в стране чудес). The Nabokov Russian Translation of Lewis Carroll's ALICE IN WONDERLAND. [In Russian.] World-renowned author Vladimir Nabokov presents a brilliant translation of Alice in...

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