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Lomonosov (Imperial) Porcelain

The Imperial Porcelain Factory (aka Lomonosov Porcelain Factory) or The Lomonosov Porcelain Factory (aka Imperial Porcelain Factory.) A factory with two names!? Yes! And we do know that it was founded in St. Petersburg in 1744 and is still going (somewhat) strong today. Lomonosov (Imperial) ceramics are highly prized by collectors of fine porcelain. We have a primer on the backstamps in our blog section. And a section on Cobalt Net fakes as well.

Below you'll find one link to one pattern to one teapot. Don't be discouraged. Go back to the Porcelain page and click on Teacups for Collectors, or Cobalt Net, or The Menagerie, or the all-encompassing What's Left. Dive in, have some fun - there's still a lot to see!

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