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Studio KIKIN Carvings

“Studio KIKIN” was established by Alexey Kikin, a graduate of the Abramtsevo School of Art, which was established by the most talented Russian artists of the 19th century: Vasnetsov, Polenov and Vrubel. Kikin's specialty and artistic preference is for small animal sculpture, to which he applies a fairy tale ethos. The hand made sculptures are unique and the production is quite small. Being produced in small groups, the products, made by “Studio KIKIN” are quite unique. 


  • Turtle Studio KIKIN Carving

    Turtle Studio KIKIN Carving

    Turtle (Черепаха) Carving Ornament. Cute tortoise slowly brings over a gift. It might take a while, but it eventually gets to its destination. Hand carved and hand decorated. An original Studio KIKIN piece. 4⅛" (not counting hook) in height. 1...
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