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The Lomonosov Porcelain Factory in Leningrad (today its St. Petersburg) made a wide array of artistic products under the LFZ trademark (today its the Imperial Porcelain Factory).

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    "Red Sarafan" Wine or Liqueur Set

    "Red Sarafan" Wine or Liqueur Set

    "Red Sarafan" Wine or Liqueur Set. In the form of a matryoshka "Francia". Designed in 1966 by Bronislav Dmitrievich Bystrushkin (1926-1977). Overglaze painting and gilding. Set consists of the carafe, two cups that attach to the arms of the doll and a...

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  • Firebird Decanter  LOMONOSOV

    Firebird Singing Decanter

     Singing Decanter "Firebird". This famous Lomonosov porcelain decanter has a musical effect, namely that when pouring liquid, it produces a melodious sound, i.e., it "sings." Model designed by Eduard Mikhailovich Krimmer (1900-1974) and painting was...

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  • Greenhouse Teapot [Lomonosov]

    Greenhouse Teapot

    Greenhouse (Оранжерея) Teapot. Elegant flowers hand painted on a white background with lattice and gold enhancements. From The Lomonosov Porcelain Factory in St. Petersburg, Russia. Lomonosov backstamp. 5" in height and holds 20,2 oz/ 600ml. A couple...

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