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  • Alexander Pushkin Table Medal by N. Sokolov

    Alexander Pushkin Medallion Plaque

    Alexander Pushkin Medallion Plaque. A bas-relief casting from the, at the time, the Leningrad Mint, which is one of the largest mints in the world. (Today it's the St. Petersburg Mint.) Designed by medalist and sculptor Nikolai Sokolov (1892-1974) who...
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  • Bas-relief wall plaque "Alexander Pushkin on the Neva Embankment".

    Alexander Pushkin Plaque

    Bas-relief wall plaque "Alexander Pushkin on the Neva Embankment". Silvered silumin casting by the experimental art casting plant Monumentskulptura, established in 1922 in St. Petersburg. Silumin is an alloy of aluminum with silicon. In excellent...
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  • City of Vladimir  Millennium Tray

    City of Vladimir Millennium Copper Tray

    Vladimir Millennium Copper Tray. Vladimir was Russia's capital during the 12th-13th centuries. It's history is somewhat confused. In some Russian chronicles, the first annalist mention of the city is in 990, and in connection with the missionary campaign...
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  • 850th Anniversary of Moscow Metal Plate

    850th Anniversary of Moscow

    Moscow 850 Years. Commemorative Metal Embossed Metal Plate produced for the 850th Anniversary of Moscow. An embossed copper plate with an interlocked ring border and a an image of St. George, the patron Saint of Moscow, slaying the dragon...
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