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Christmas Markdowns

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    Striding Grandfather Frost

    Striding Grandfather Frost 50% OFF

    Striding Grandfather Frost. Grandfather Frost steps out in style with his snow-covered burgundy coat, a patched-up blue gift bag and a festive Christmas tree staff. A boot pokes from out of the detailed coat. 5¼" tall.

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    Angel with Lute Majolica Ornament

    Angel with Lute Ornament

    Angel with Lute (Ангел с лютней). Christmas winged angel descends playing a lute. A brilliant gold halo reflects the light. Christmas ornament was hand painted in Yaroslavl, Russia. 3¾" in height. Limited quantity. 

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    Grandfather Frost with Owl

    Grandfather Frost with Owl 50% OFF

    Grandfather Frost with Owl (Дед Мороз с Совой). A kindly Grandfather Frost carries a staff atop which rests an owl. The owl is a symbol of wisdom and it is also a protector. The owl helps guide Grandfather Frost, who is laden with a snowflake covered...

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  • Reindeer Carvings, Set of 2

    Reindeer Carvings, Set of 2

    Reindeer (Северный олень). A cute carved Christmas buck and doe add a woodland inspired note to your display.  Intricately detailed sculptures, a terrific rustic accent piece for any shelf, bookcase or mantel. A decorative saddle is painted on each...

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