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Polkhovsky Maidan Specialties

  • Polkhovskaya Barrel Box "Dewdrop" (Полховская Бочка "Росинка")

    Polkhov Barrel "Dewdrop"

    Polkhov Barrel "Dewdrop"(Полховская Бочка "Росинка").  Polkhov barrel box by a master decorator at the factory, judging by the work quality.  From the Voznesensky factory "Polkhov-Maidan painting". Factory label in Russian indicates name of the...
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  • Toy Balalaika [Polkh Maidan] [Vintage]

    Toy Balalaika [Polkh Maidan] [Vintage]

    Vintage Toy Balalaika [Polkh Maidan] Винтажная игрушка Балалайка [Полховский Майдан]. An uncommon toy balalaika from the Voznesensky factory "Polkhov-Maidan painting". Painted by a talented artist. Polkh colors include yellow, red, purple, green and...
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  • Vintage Polkhov Maidan/Krutets Matryoshka

    Vintage Polkhov Maidan/Krutets Matryoshka

    Polkhovsky-Maidan or Krutets (Полховский-Майдан или Крутец). A vintage matryoshka with classical folk art stylings. The decoration is simple with primary colors. Note the small eyes and the part of the hair, which is two curls peeking out from a...
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