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Sergiev Posad (Zagorsk) Matryoshka Dolls

  • Sergiev Posad "Potal" Matryoshka

    Sergiev Posad "Potal" Matryoshka

    Vintage Potal Miniature Matryoshka. Elegant vintage doll with lots of detail in a small space. Wood burnt outlines, potal beading (gold foil that imitates gilding) and paints. Sergiev Posad, circa 1991-5. Fine condition. 3" to tiny. 1 only, as shown...

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    Red Army Nesting Matryoshka Dolls

    Red Army Boy (Красная армия). An early entry into the collecting field of unusual nesting dolls from Sergiev Posad. Colorful and accurately depicted kids in the Red Army with sword, hobby horse, gun and flag. Dated 1992 and signed by the artist. 3...

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