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Tableau Carvings

  • Bear Driving a Troika (General Toptygin) Bogorodsk Carving

    "General Toptygin" Bear in a Troika (Bogorodsk Carving)

    The General Toptygin (Генерал Топтыгин).  The bear in the "Tale of General Toptyigin" is a Russian folk legend. It is also a children's poem by Nikolay Alexeyevich Nekrasov (1821-1878) who was inspired to write by watching children playing. One...
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  • A Little Man with a Marigold Мужичок с ноготок Bogorodsk Carving

    "A Little Man with a Marigold" Bogorodsk Carving

    A Little Man with a Marigold (Мужичок с ноготок). A beloved poem by N. A. Nekrasov (1821-1878) from the collection "Peasant Children" (Крестьянские дети) published in 1861.  Fine detail. From Bogorodsk, Moscow region. No markings indicating it was...
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  • Coachman in a Horse-Drawn Sleigh (Кучер в конных санях)

    "Coachman" Bogorodsk Carving

    Coachman in a Horse-Drawn Sleigh (Кучер в конных санях). Carved grouping consisting of a Horse-drawn Russian Sleigh and a Well-Dressed Man Riding and Holding the Reins. Horse is on a separate base and man is inside the sleigh, both which are applied...
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