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  • Emelya on the Stove

    Emelya on the Stove

    By the command of the pike (По щучьему велению). A much-beloved folk tale about lazy but lucky Emelya who spares the life of the fish after catching it out of the fishing hole with his bare hands. "At the pike's command" grants Emelya the power to bring...

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    A Little Man with a Marigold Мужичок с ноготок Bogorodsk Carving

    "A Little Man with a Marigold" Bogorodsk Carving

    A Little Man with a Marigold (Мужичок с ноготок). A beloved poem by N. A. Nekrasov (1821-1878) from the collection "Peasant Children" (Крестьянские дети) published in 1861.  Fine detail. From Bogorodsk, Moscow region. No markings indicating it was...

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    Coachman in a Horse-Drawn Sleigh (Кучер в конных санях)

    "Coachman" Bogorodsk Carving

    Coachman in a Horse-Drawn Sleigh (Кучер в конных санях). Carved grouping consisting of a Horse-drawn Russian Sleigh and a Well-Dressed Man Riding and Holding the Reins. Horse is on a separate base and man is inside the sleigh, both which are applied...

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    Hobby Horse Bear Bogorodsk Carving

    "Riding Sivka-Burka" Bogorodsk Carving

    Riding "Sivka-Burka" (На Сивке Бурке). Misha the bear rides his hobby horse "Sivka-Burka". He brandishes a sword in his right paw. "Sivka-Burka" means chestnut-grey and is a traditional nickname for any horse in popular Russian tales. High quality...

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  • Dancing Bear (Bogorodsk)

    "Dancing Bear" Bogorodsk Carving

    Dancing Bear (Танцующий медведь). A real treat of a folk toy. Pull down on the string and the arms and legs begin to dance. Fully carved wood toy circa 1980 with a dark brown finish. Purple "Made in USSR" stamp on the back. 10½" top to...

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