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Contemporary Dolls

A selection of high quality matryoshka nesting dolls from a variety of Russian regions, including Sergiev Posad, Polkh Maidan and the well-known Semenov dolls. 

  • Calico Cat Nesting Doll

    Calico Cat Nesting Doll

    Calico Cat Matryoshka (Калико Кот). A good name for a group of cats is "clowder", which is an old word for "clutter". You can call them a "glaring", or even a "pounce" but we like clowder the best. This clowder of cats was painted by a small group of...

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    Russian Beauty 10 Nest Matryoshka

    Russian Beauty 10 Nest Matryoshka

    Russian Beauty (Русская красавица.) A beautifully fitted and detailed set of 10 dolls with many embellishments, such as a ladybug, gold enhancements and sparkles, recursive dolls that end in a painted sliver of a doll, potal (a form of gold foil...

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  • Polkh Maidan Matryoshka (Modern Day version) (P-LS11)

    Polkh Maidan (Modern version)

    Polkh/Semenov Doll. Modern Polkh style 5 nest made in the Semenov factory using traditional paints and wood. Compare this one to most of the others on our webpages with Polkh dolls. This one is 6¾" down to 2". 2 currently available. 

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