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A selection of high quality matryoshka nesting dolls from a variety of Russian regions, including Sergiev Posad, Polkh Maidan and the well-known Semenov dolls. 

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    Russian Beauty 10 Nest Matryoshka

    Russian Beauty 10 Nest Matryoshka

    Russian Beauty (Русская красавица.) A beautifully fitted and detailed set of 10 dolls with many embellishments, such as a ladybug, gold enhancements and sparkles, recursive dolls that end in a painted sliver of a doll, potal (a form of gold foil...
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  • Polkh Maidan Matryoshka (Modern Day version) (P-LS11)

    Polkh Maidan (Modern version)

    Polkh/Semenov Doll. Modern Polkh style 5 nest made in the Semenov factory using traditional paints and wood. Compare this one to most of the others on our webpages with Polkh dolls. This one is 6¾" down to 2". 2 currently available. 
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  • Calico Cat Nesting Doll

    Calico Cat Nesting Doll

    Calico Cat Matryoshka (Калико Кот). A good name for a group of cats is "clowder", which is an old word for "clutter". You can call them a "glaring", or even a "pounce" but we like clowder the best. This clowder of cats was painted by a small group of...
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    Potal (Поталь) Vintage Matryoshka Doll made in Sergiev Posad Russia

    "Potal" Matryoshka

    Potal (Поталь) Matryoshka Doll. Potal is a form of gold foil decoration (the foil is called Potal) that imitates gilding and enameling. In addition to the foil decoration, each doll is enhanced with wood burning (pokerwork) and painted features. From...
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