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Matryoshka Art Dolls ($399-$200)

A wide variety of art (author) dolls from Sergiev-Posad and Moscow. Many are vintage with an emphasis on dolls from the 1990s, when freedom of expression was given full reign after decades of suppression under Soviet rule. Here you will find exquisite art dolls, dolls with fairy tales and children's stories, animal tales, beautiful dolls and specialties such as political dolls, Royal dolls with exquisite portraiture, chess dolls, seasonal dolls and just plain unique dolls. 

  • Celebrated Russian Orthodox Icons

    St. Joachim and Anna Orthodox Icons

    Icons. The head doll depicts St. Joachim and Anna (Св. Иоаким и Анна). This Orthodox icon is known as the Feast of of the Conception of the Virgin Mary. The husband of Saint Anne and the father of Mary, the mother of Jesus, are painted embracing at the...

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    "Kolobok" Khotkovo Art Doll  by Malysheva

    Little Round Bun Art Doll [Khotkovo]

    The Little Round Bun, aka Kolobok (Колобок). This well-known story-driven doll unfolds with the central picture on the first doll of the grandparents and Kolobok emerging from the oven. The most important animal in the story is the fox who is painted on...

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  • Byzantine Russian Orthodox Icons Matryoshka

    Byzantine Russian Orthodox Icons

    Byzantine Russian Orthodox Icons (Русские православные иконы). This doll was painted in Russia in 1993, when the doors and windows of glasnost and perestroika began to open, though long before commercial languor began setting in. All of the paintings are...

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