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Icon Pendants

Exquisite hand painted icon pendants from Russia using traditional miniature painting methods of egg tempera on papier-mache, gold leaf, gold paint and lacquer. Only one of each item shown is available.  

  • Carved Wood Cross

    Carved Wood Cross

     Old Believer Carved Wood Cross. Carved in relief from linden wood. Cross and star incised into back together with inscription "Спаси и Сохрани" (Save and Protect). Ball finials top and bottom. Detailed Crucifixion composition on the front with...

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  • St. Michael Painted Icon Pendant

    St. Michael the Archangel Hand Painted Pendant

    St. Michael the Archangel Icon Pendant. St. Michael is painted with wings, holding the hilt of his sword in his left hand and placing his right hand over his heart. The inscriptions "Archangel" and "Michael" are at the tips of his wings. He is the patron...

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  • Sistine Madonna (Raphael) Pendant

    Sistine Madonna (Raphael) Pendant

    Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. Miniature copy of The Sistine Madonna by Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino (1483-1520), known as Raphael Sanzio. The original is part of an altarpiece for the church of San Sisto, Piacenza, painted in 1513-1514. It was...

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