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Fairy Tales and Folk Themes Matryoshka Dolls

Here you might find some very well made small nesting dolls suitable as gifts for collectors, children of collectors or children. All are on-of-a-kind and finely detailed. All painted - no decal work here!  

  • Russian Folklore "Apples" Matryoshka

    Russian Folklore "Apples" Matryoshka

    Russian Folklore "Apples". Nicely detailed painting with village inhabitants. Head doll with a bayanist entertaining two beautiful young girls who are dressed in traditional Russian costumes. The second doll is painted with two young children each who...

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  • "Kolobok" Khotkovo Art Doll  by Malysheva

    Little Round Bun Art Doll [Khotkovo]

    The Little Round Bun, aka Kolobok (Колобок). This well-known story-driven doll unfolds with the central picture on the first doll of the grandparents and Kolobok emerging from the oven. The most important animal in the story is the fox who is painted on...

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  • The Snow Maiden Matryoshka

    The Snow Maiden Matryoshka

    The Snow Maiden (Снегурочка).  Nicely detailed painting with characters from the tale. A snowstorm swirls on the backs of the doll. Made in Sergiev Posad and signed by the artist. Each piece is finished with several coats of crystal-clear...

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