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Dolls and Toys for Children

Here are some dolls from the Soviet Union for children made during last quarter of the twentieth century These can also double as collectibles, for example some were made in the "Toy Factory named after March 8th".  

Turned souvenir toys were very popular for a short while in Russia prior to the breakup of the USSR. Manufacture included a variety of figures of people, birds and animals as well as group compositions that were made from wooden parts produced on a turning lathe. Kalinin toys were particularly creative - full of imagination and humor. The toys were designed and painted in a terse style: two dots and three straight lines for eyes, eyebrows and nose; two round spots and a curve for the mouth and cheeks. This same laconic style was used for the costumes, which did not, however, lose their specific national features. These toys are very attractive, small and inexpensive and have a great emotional affinity to wooden carved toys.

  • Patchwork  Pull-Along Toy Horse

    Patchwork Pull-Along Toy Horse

    Patchwork Pull-Along Toy Horse. This horse on wheels with a prominent muzzle came from Russia about 20 years ago. The mane and tail are made of rope and the whole horse is put together by hand from color-blended cotton. The wheels are wood. An uncommon...
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